Rapture Verse Re-discovered

Amazing but for some reason the last 440 years the bible stop translating apostacia as departure and with the article in front of it, “The Departure” and instead went with revolt in the Douay-Rheims translated in 1580, then KJV picked up rendered it falling away.  But if it remained  departure then we could see this as rapture verse today.  It would make sense, the rapture  then comes first

we would then be correctly looking for

Jesus not the antichrist

We would be comforted

Could expect him at any moment doctrine of imminency

All these would remain in tact~


2 Thessalonians 2 verse 3 in NIV

Do not let anyone fool you in any way. That day of the Lord will not come until the turning away[a] from God happens and the Man of Evil,[b] who is on his way to hell, appears. 


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fake news …who led the league in fake news last year?

pot calling kettle black~

brian williams? right…thanks

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Trump 2017

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Shocker! RCC changed apostacy to revolt in 2 thessalonians 2 3

We need to know this!

For 400 years the church has not read this important passage properly!

And if it were translated as it had always been translated you would find it actually means departure instead of falling away!…Now..hmm…why? And it has a double reference or intensity with the article before it!…THE departure or RAPTURE..this is a rapture verse!

We dont have to wait for antichrist we look forward to imminent return of Christ!.

His return is a comfort!




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Discovered Andy Woods Ministries

Great ministry!…


Good teacher, nice delivery style, very impressed with information and agree with 99%

He teaches in Houston area has a couple blogs even a political blog which is needed in church today!…Maybe youtube videos!


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will media go out of business now that it has no white house

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ps 87 is good read- go for it

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