Obama birth cert Ukelel signature

Phonetically sounds like “You kill …” echoes Youkillis Red Sox ad saying we are All In.., implying the destruction of millions in America 2011…11 is key…possibly done May 11 2011, target Souix City Iowa and east…haarp or nukes to be employed…possibly…Marxist feel that its their moral duty to kill those who oppose their goodness of government, they have no problem killing millions of people to keep their power, Obama is a marxist, they hate America, the environmentalist want only 500 million people on earth, the current population is too expensive to sustain at our high standards of life, this is because we have played politics with the elderly for many years, but now are faced with a bill to pay and cannot pay, they are now a political liability and will be killed off by our government asap….it has to happen in 2011 because obama is loosing power politically, and is not likely to be reelected, but he will never give up his power….so America you are in the crosshairs of evil selfish and greedy people who pretend to help you, they are using every new age marketing guerilla political ad and word mind control with slogans plants etc found in every major political or sporting event an even foudn in copy of media news reports…to soften your psyche to the point that you will not resist as you are starved to the point where you agree to go wehre food and shelter is …the death camps which will be called something else like vacation vista or somethign…

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2 Responses to Obama birth cert Ukelel signature

  1. S Night says:

    You may very well be right about all the political stuff, but why are you attacking Youk and the Red Sox?

    • Its my opinion that Red Sox have an ad out there that is using the phoneticals of yuekelis last name along with the all in slogan and the number 11 to either goad people into accusing them or plant a message into our psyches that America is about to be wiped out

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